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Halo MAG -functionality

The Halo2® System performs all functions necessary to ensure sales and stock management in an outlet.
Please see below for system elements supplementing and enhancing standard functions.

The Halo2® System registers data with regard to the following types of prices:
- net sales prices,
- gross sales prices,
- net purchase prices,
- currency prices (for unique applications).

The statistical stock status may be accounted in accordance with:
- the FIFO rule (delivery and sales) and LIFO /FIFO (refunds from suppliers),
- average - weighted purchase prices.

In order to accelerate the delivery registration procedure, apart from the standard registration from documents, the following types of registration are also possible in the system:
         ● in accordance with registered orders,
         ● in accordance with a typical product list provided by a given supplier,
         ● through import of data sent by a supplier,
         ● using database collectors.

Moreover, the Halo2® System facilitates the following activities:

        ● delivery registration in a given foreign currency,
        ● additional delivery cost registration (transport, insurance, custom duties),
        ● registering payment type and deadlines,
        ● printing labels with barcodes for received goods (labels for shelves and goods),
        ● making allowances for discounts and charges,
        ● blocking acceptance of fractional amounts of goods.

Automatic procedures are responsible for order preparation, make allowances for the turnover of a given product during a parametrically selected period and the current
stock status.
In order to enhance functionality, the following tools may also be utilised:

         ● order templates for repeated orders from a given supplier,
         ● order calendar for periodically repeated orders,
         ● temporary suspension of automatic orders,
         ● order fulfilment status.

The Halo2® System enables users to utilise a comprehensive merchandise list and search for goods in accordance with:
          ● attributes,
          ● names,
          ● columns,
          ● and by means of comprehensive search filters.

The Halo2® System may also comprise an unused goods catalogue.

In the Halo2® System a user can:
          ● dynamically create a printout format,
          ● define column order,
          ● change column width,
          ● mark columns not visible on the printout.

During report generation the display shows “progress bars” depicting the report preparation stage.

The Halo2® System offers a package of approximately 30 types of promotions. Each promotion type may be connected with other ones. Promotions may be entered into the system in advance and they are activated automatically on a given day at the required time.
The Halo2® System also facilitates accounting and marketing settlements of the promotion results.

The Halo2® System facilitates VAT issuing automation by providing the receipt number and the client's ID.
The Halo2® System also facilitates issuing of the following documents:
        ● VAT correcting invoices,
        ● VAT invoice duplicates,
        ● accounting notes.
The Halo2® System facilitates payment card authorisation directly at the cash register.
The authorisation is carried out by e-Service and/or PolCard authorisation centres.
The system also performs other functions:
        ● cash-back (paying out cash),
        ● DCC (client’s account is charged in the currency of the card).

The Halo2® System accepts different producer’s codes for the same product.

In the Halo2® System the database collector is used for:
        ● inventory,
        ● delivery registration,
        ● individual order preparation.

The Halo2® System enables its users to utilise a wide range of internal documents and generate information about merchandise in transit.
The special type of an internal document is the merchandise transfer from a symbol to another symbol. The transfer may be accompanied by the set batching or debatching function.

The Halo2® System comes with a unique stock depreciation function enabling users to change the source purchase prices for accounting or marketing reasons.

The Halo2® System facilitates sales with negative stock. However, the value of this stock is registered in a different file and not entered into the main records.
A system user is obliged to immediately investigate the reasons for the negative stock creation and undertake certain activities with a view to its correction.

The Halo2® System offers a number of specialised functions for solutions applied in different fields.
Food industry:
      ● bulk container accounting,
      ● connecting scales to the system,
      ● dedicated price labels.

Bookshops and newsagents:
      ● press commission sales accounting,
      ● utilising ADD–ON book trade codes.

Foreign currency and duty-free shops:
      ● sales accounting in foreign currencies and exchange rate management,
      ● excise tax accounting at the moment of sales,
      ● boarding card identification,
      ● customs records management.