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Halo MAG - general

The Halo2® System operates in real time. This is a multi-access system making it possible to perform different functions on workstations.
The Halo2® Systemoperates in a continuous cycle without system shutdown and activation procedures (except for the daily fiscal report). All necessary technological procedures including temporary data protection and data generation for reporting purposes are carried out by supervisory programs (demons) without users’ interaction, thanks to which it is unnecessary to activate/deactivate the server.

The Halo2® System does not accept partial data saving.
In the case of a malfunction or faulty transmission, unless it is possible to save a logical record in full, it is not saved at all.

The Halo2® System is supported by the LINUX operating system version Mandrake/ Mandriva and utilises the PostgreSQL database.
Cash registers, fiscal printers and most peripherals operate in the Ethernet.

An important system feature is the multi-threading making it possible to activate given tasks in the background, e.g., a user may order realisation of a selected report and register a delivery at the same time.

The system also facilitates remote operation by means of an Internet connection.

The technology employed facilitates remote monitoring of financial means in the cash register from the outlet management or company’s headquarters level.

Our company’s software department may carry out remote modifications of the cash register software.

The Halo2® System ensures the safety of system operation and processed data. It comprises the following vital elements:
● In the case of a server of IT network malfunction, cash registers operate independently storing data regarding completed transactions. After the server is fixed and the local data transmission restored, cash register operation data are exported to the server. What follows, sales data are stored in server resources, cash registers and copies of receipts.

● The Halo2® System automatically backs up realised operations without any personnel intervention. Users must only set up the frequency of back-up procedures in the system.

● The Halo2® Systemenables its users to correct erroneous transaction records (e.g., incorrect amount of delivery) but only in the form of a correction in the source document, which guarantees data completeness from the accountancy point of view.

● The supported LINUX operating system restricts unauthorised access to the IT system and its resources.

● As an option, we offer the installation of transponder stations in cash registers. A cashier is identified in the system by means of a unique electronic code stored in a transponder key.

● The Halo2® System enables users to utilise a password package providing access for personnel authorised to use given system functions.

● The external access is provided by means of the Internet connection through encrypted communication protocols.


The Halo2® System design takes user-convenience into account.
System user-friendliness is guaranteed by the following factors:

● System functions are taken over by the application, which makes the system maintenance-free in the technological layer.

● Advanced system parametrization enables users to customise the system to their current needs without programmers’ assistance.

● A wide range of report customisation options, i.e., through changing column width and printing only the contents of selected columns.

● Most data processing functions are fitted with “progress bars” providing visualisation of processing progress.

● All reports may be created for a given period “from – to”.

● Some functions may be automatically activated at a preset time and date.

● The Halo2® System supports attributes, i.e., parameters describing any additional product features necessary for users with a view to product identification and reporting.

● Data export
Reports generated in the Halo2® System may be exported to XLS, TXT and PDF formats.

● Delivery data may also be exported in the form of text files.