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Cash registers cooperate with the back-up server in real time. In order to enhance the system operational safety, after deactivation of cash registers they transmit from the back-up server all changes in the database entered until the cash register was deactivated for the last time.
That is why, the cash register operation is independent from back-up servers or transmission links availability.
 The cash register software supports the following procedures
  • cash register procedures,
  •  fiscal procedures,
  • safety procedures,
  • auxiliary procedures,
 payment card authorisation and derivative functions.
The cash register procedures perform the following functions:
  • product sales and return support, cashier’s X/Z report,
  • drawer operation,
  • discount support,
  • non-recurrent price change support,
  • support of cash register allowances, cash transfer to banks and the cash register drawn balance from the previous cashier’s working day.
The fiscal procedures perform functions specified in executory provisions regarding the Minister of Finance’s regulation on conditions of electronic fiscal cash register utilisation.
The safety procedures perform the following functions:
  •  support of the transponder key used for cashier’s login and defining the level of access to the individual cash register’s functions,
  • transmission status support, 
  •  support of cashiers exchange in the multi-cashier procedure enabling several cashiers to work on one cash register,
  • current cashier control. 
The auxiliary procedures perform the following functions: 
  • hotkey programming,
  • current merchandise status information,
  • blocking merchandise for sales,
  • exchange rate support,
  • loyalty card support,
  • boarding card support / for duty-free zones /,
  • calculator,
  • recalculating the cash face value,
  • receipt heading changes,
  • blocking / forcing transmission from the back-up server,
  • reports.
The Halo POS software requires the following POS station configuration:
  •  computer cash register or a cash register facilitating data exchange with an external server,
  • fiscal equipment / standalone or integrated with the cash register /
  • cash register keyboard originally equipped with a card and transponder key reader or a touch-screen,
  • optional drawer,
  • optional barcode scanner.