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The Halo2® System has the capability of payment card authorisation directly at cash registers in two authorisation centres:
The authorisation includes all types of cards accepted by the above centres. The authorisation is obtained in a POS workstation equipped with a payment card reader supplied by the Halo System. The operator selected by a customer also provides the PinPad connected to the POS workstation.
The POS workstation cooperates online with the PinPad and the authorising server (hub).
The authorising server (hub) also takes part in the authorisation process. The authorising server function may be performed by a server supporting Halo2® applications or a separate computer connected to the authorisation centre.
In order to secure the transmission, it may be carried out by two different links: the basic and back-up ones. The authorising software consists of 2 modules: the cash register application and accounting procedures in the hub.
The following functions are available within the scope of the cash register procedures: 
  • authorisation of product sales or return by means of a credit card,
  • issuing a duplicate of the last authorisation receipt printed on a given cash register,
  • synchronisation with the hub, 
  • the cash-back function makes it possible to pay a limited sum of money to the customer.
Within the framework of accounting procedures carried out in the hub, the following functions are available: 
  •    granting and modifying user’s authorisation, 
  •    automatic switching the transmission from the basic to the back-up link (if switched),
  •    transmission cancellation confirmation printout,
  •    reporting (transaction report, day-end closing report),
  •   cash register operation monitoring,
  •    safety procedures.