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Central system

THE CENTRAL SYSTEM manages an outlet chain operation.
Its primary function is to ensure control over the local HALO system operation and provision of required information regarding their operation. 
The universal open architecture facilitates adaptation of the system profile to tasks that are to be fulfilled in a given company. Thanks to its characteristics, the system is targeted at companies of an extensive field of operation where control over all organisational units is necessary.
Primary system functions:  
- multi-level merchandise structure making it possible to allocate a selected profit margin to a given level,
- fully user-defined merchandise attribute catalogue,
- suppliers and recipients catalogue support,
- merchandise catalogue support with the capability of taking into account the excise tax  parameters,
- support of multiple barcodes for one product including the add-on codes,
- support of restrictions regarding the merchandise,
- central management of interest rates in the case of multicurrency sales,
- support of multiple price lists,
- central decisions regarding prices,
- reports.