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The HALO Group was established in 1989 and has been present on the Polish market ever since even though its name and the organisational form of its activity have been changed several times.
The company has always specialised in designing sales register systems facilitating cutting-edge technologies.
As one of the first Polish companies, we offered a cash register system operating in real time on the basis of barcode identification.
The product called Halo1® operated in the SCO UNIX operating system and was developed with its functionality modified for many years.
In 1993 it was adapted to the regulations introducing the VAT tax.
In 1994 the system was “fiscalised” in accordance with executory provisions regarding the terms and conditions of utilising electronic fiscal cash registers by taxpayers. In 1995, the system was modified to take into account the Polish currency redenomination.
The Halo1® system distribution and sales was discontinued in 2005.
At that time we included the Halo2® System in our range of products which is supported by free versions of the Linux operating system utilising relational databases.
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Our company offers various versions of sales register systems targeted at different market segments: groceries, bookshops, petrol stations, duty-free shops, etc.
Our company also creates individual custom designs in order to satisfy even the most unusual Clients’ needs.
Our range also includes delivery of cash registers, fiscal equipment and other hardware necessary to generate sales.
Our technical support offices provide technical assistance for IT equipment all over Poland.
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We create “turn-key” installations of sales register systems in new outlets.
We guarantee a wide range of training activities necessary to teach users how to operate our systems together with assistance concerning preparation for system installation and its further operation.
We have a hotline facilitating quick defect diagnosis and troubleshooting so that our technical service teams do not need to visit our Clients.
We also provide outsourcing services dealing with every-day issues connected with operation of our systems.
Out main trade partners are: