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HALO System – software for you
Halo System Sp. z o.o. is a company with long-standing experience specialising in preparation and installation of cash register sales systems. We provide our own software whose advantages have recently been appreciated by numerous companies. The Halo Sales System comprises several cooperating applications:
  • cash register software implemented in numerous cash register types,
  • software supporting trading point management (outlets, storehouses and warehouses),
  • software supporting outlet chain management ensuring communication among different application levels and external systems.
For details describing the Halo System see the paragraph entitled "Products". While designing the Halo System we put special emphasis on software security and functionality.
The Halo System’s philosophy consists in full satisfaction of the users’ needs by means of providing a proper type of service: 
  • we offer advice and suggest solutions,
  • we provide hardware in accordance with investors’ needs and their financial means available,
  • we design and create IT wiring and also ensure communication between the system and external programs,
  • we create technical installations,
  • we train personnel,
  • we customise software,
  • we integrate or execute data exchange with different software used (only with its developers’ permission), 
  •  we place our expertise and experience at your disposal.
       oprogramowanie kas fiskalnych 
HALO System safety
The System safety is ensured by :
  • specialised tools (electronic keys) enabling users to accurately define the system users’ authorisation, 
  •  registration of all operations in the system,
  • preventing any data manipulation attempts and obligation to include any modifications or changes in a form registered by means of proper documents,
  • possibility to sell products regardless of the back-up system operation,
  • availability of different data protection options, 
  •  technical service available all over Poland,
  • specialised hotline, 
  •  a stable, anti-virus protected operating system and reliable, tested software.